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The Future of Real Estate
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Make an Offer in Minutes

Houses are expensive enough. Why pay any extra money for a realtor when you can do it yourself?


When you use Alokee to put an offer on your dream home, a portion of the lofty realtor fees go back to you once your house closes. Alokee guides you through the home-buying process from offer to close, but you call the shots. Do it the way you want, when you want and do it all digitally. If you have any questions, our internal real estate attorneys and brokers are available when needed. You’re in control here.

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Did Somebody Say Cash Bonus?!?

Alokee hands out cash bonuses for doing the deal yourself. If you love to DIY everything in your life, then add buying a house to that list and score an average of $29,293 (based on the Bay Area).


Just imagine: what could YOU do with your Alokee bonus?

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Use Your Cash However You Want

Add on critical energy-saving housing products and services in escrow using Alokee. Load up on solar panels, EV stations, batteries, and more to make your house the most climate-friendly one on the block.

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Alokee quickly got my offer submitted and accepted! I was able to define my own terms without all the back and forth emails or phone calls with a traditional agent.

Jackie L., San Diego, CA

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